Welcome to the Club 41 USA

Club 41 New York is an association of clubs of former Round Table members and their friends with the aim of maintaining and deepening the friendships established under Round Table. Club 41 New York feels connected to the goals and ideals of Round Table - in particular the commitment that everyone has obligations towards the community and the task of promoting morality in professional and social life.

Club 41 New York supports service projects according to the available funds and, if necessary, by creating suitable legal entities and wants to contribute to the improvement of interpersonal relationships at national and international level by promoting tolerance and mutual understanding

Club Information

41 Club New York is the only club in USA formed in 2015 by three ex-Round Tablers from USA Jagan Bachu, Harmen Vandeer and Mark Vanophen. Our Club got chartered officially in 2017 and since then have only grown from 3 to current membership of 22. Our member’s motto has been very simple meet for fun with no formal frills attached. We try to meet on every first Wednesday of every month of when some of the members want to catch up for beer. We are proud member of http://www.41international.net/

We are also actively engaged with Round Table in New York in one way our other, few of our members still actively participate in their events or attend meetings..

Club family “ Helping Hands ”

Club 41 New York is a club for former members of Round Table and their friends and, together with Round Table belongs to the “Helping Hands” club family.


Turkey Earthquake

Our Club supported the efforts of one of our member Mesut Celebi who volunteered to raise $100k for earth quake victims in Turkey .


Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

We also supported 41ers in Sri Lanka for their economic crisis.The lack of food, fuel, medicine, emerged as a crisis-invoking burden for the nation




  • Summer  Boating trips during summer season
    EVENT : Boating During summer

  • Winter       In between Feb / March
    EVENT :      Annual Ski Trip ( Feb/march )

  • WED First week of every month
    EVENT :   Meet on every first Wednesday of every month

  • Club 41 USA

  • “May the Hinges of Friendship

  • Never Grow Rusty”