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Club Certificate

Boating During summer

When we sit down with our club members to plan out our summers, boating always tops the list of must do activities

Monthly Meet Up

We are always looking forward to a large number of moments together and also "Fun & Fellowship" events...

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

We also supported 41ers in Sri Lanka for their economic crisis.The lack of food, fuel, medicine, emerged as a crisis-invoking burden for the nation

Turkey Earthquake

Our Club supported the efforts of one of our member Mesut Celebi who volunteered to raise $100k for earth quake victims in Turkey .

Annual Ski Trip

A ski trip is loads of fun when one can enjoy endless hours of skiing and snowboarding on their favourite slopes at a resort of their choice.


  • Summer  Boating trips during summer season
    EVENT : Boating During summer

  • Winter       In between Feb / March
    EVENT :      Annual Ski Trip ( Feb/march )

  • WED First week of every month
    EVENT :   Meet on every first Wednesday of every month

  • Club 41 USA

  • “May the Hinges of Friendship

  • Never Grow Rusty”